The Management
LI Jun born in 1978 Executive Director

Mr LI Jun graduated from Fudan University in China in July 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He obtained a master’s degree in Laws from The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom in September 2002. Mr LI has rich experience in operation and management. He joined the Group in November 2008 and served as general manager of the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Dalian Greentown Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.* (大連綠城房地產開發有限公司), general manager of north-eastern region and Beijing region of Greentown Real Estate as well as deputy general manager of Greentown Real Estate. Currently, he serves as a vice president and chief operating officer of Greentown China, primarily responsible for the operation management of the Company. Mr LI was appointed as an executive director of the Company on 6 April 2018.